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Best Photography App for Android

Image Blender Fusion is a simple and clean application with a single purpose, blending together images. You can use multiple blending modes and many more!!


[Image: 10250198_462284233904888_3671451054260375482_n.jpg]

Coming soon!!! the new avatar of Image Blender Fusion!!!

[Image: 118325d1400153670t-instafusion-image-ble...1507_n.jpg]

New version Image Blender Fusion 3.0.1 is available on Android Market

- Menu screen introduced know directly go to your fav tools
- effection! photo effects editor in instafusion
- Play with varia, chisel, streakz, brushstrokes, miraticle, magma, voltz, dreampix, craze and lots more
- Photo editor to touch up and fine tune your photos

Google Play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.techbla.instafusionfree

New version Image Blender Fusion 3.0.2 is available on Android Market

-- Ui revamped!!
-- Image access bugs and error fixed

check out :

Blend your photos with Image Blender Fusion !! check out : fusion Tutorial

[Image: 11036662_689914877808488_922130173054674...8d7bf3bf4d]

Instafusion Image Blender introducing glass blend. Tutorial : Glassblend

[Image: 10655431_1457862031147929_1149190570730568887_o.jpg]

Combining elements from different photos into one image is also a possibility with this Image Blender Fusion app !! Check out : Swap Layers

[Image: 1519217_1460371890896943_6086616464433613871_o.jpg]

5000 rating crossed in Image Blender Fusion App, warm thanxs to all our users !! check out here

[Image: 10271203_1474293169504815_4099907388520165144_o.jpg]

Radically improved performance, speed of the whole app increased manyfold using JNI technology. Create your favpics much faster!! check out : Tutorial

[Image: 10477124_1471428719791260_8737964366070690385_o.jpg]

Look in between snaps to find a new snap-art - Image Blender Fusion Free!!
fusion Effection Tutorial : Tutorial

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