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Antivirus for Samsung Galaxy S4.
Hello folks, What's the best anti-virus app for my Samsung Galaxy S4? because I just picked a brand new Galaxy S4 from Samsung store and now I want to install antivirus app on Galaxy S4 and want to protect my phone from malware and viruses.

Any help would really appreciable.

Many thanks in advance!
Hi philippe, here is a list of 4 Best Security Apps you must install on your Samsung Galaxy S IV.

1. Avast
Remote cell phone tracker/locator and malware protection (with USSD blocker).Highly recommended by Android authorities, AV-Test, PCAdvisor, Techworld, and now over 10 million users worldwide.

Get Avast from Google App Market

2. Dr. Web Antivirus Light
Dr.Web anti-virus Light uses the unique algorithm to detect malware. Origins Tracing for Android ,which allows detecting the new virus families using the knowledge database on previous threats. A unique record is created for each malicious program and describes the behavior algorithm of this sample. This provides the efficiency of detecting new modifications of the whole virus family and significantly reduces the size of virus databases.

Get Dr. Web Antivirus Light from Google

3. F-Secure Mobile Security
F-Secure Mobile Security for Android,Windows Mobile, Symbian OS,will protects your mobile devices against malware attacks and monitors incoming and outgoing connections and protects the device from network intrusion attempts.

Get F-Secure Mobile Security

4. AVG Antivirus
AVG Antivirus for smartphones & Tablets detects harmful apps & text messages. AVG Mobilation Antivirus Free for Android is a mobile security solution that helps protect your mobile device from viruses, malware, spyware & online exploitation in real-time. Free, top-rated, real-time antivirus and anti-theft protection for smartphones & Tablets. AVG Antivirus for Android protects you from harmful viruses, malware, spyware and text messages and helps keep your personal data safe.

Get AVG Anitirus from Google Market

Now you can choose anyone antivirus for Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone
Antivirus Free - Android Apps[TrustGo Antivirus]

TrustGo Antivirus

TrustGo Antivirus is a quality antivirus program that can not only search for the infected program, but also to identify potential threats and spam peddlers. Also, the program is able to search for your lost smartphones and give their location through the web-interface.
The application TrustGo Antivirus is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4 on the system requirements.

The main functions of the free antivirus TrustGo Antivirus

Best Antivirus for Samsung Galaxy S4.

Hi Victor, Dr. Web Antivirus Light app best antivirus for S4, I tried many other antivirus, but those couldn't find any threat, buy surprisingly this app detected 2 threats as soon as I installed it and went for full scan. Gonna use it forever.

Thanks again.
Ever since I bought my Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone since I am using this Antivirus Free android app and its keep safe phone.
So I will recommend that please once a time you can use this antivirus for your Samsung Galaxy S4.
I hope you will got better experience with this antivirus apps. I provide a link to download this.

[Image: google-download-button]
Hi guys, I am using avast from last 7 years in PC and now from last 2 months on my Samsung Galaxy S4. Still not counter any problem with this. Its UI as well as the protection is best for me as well as for my friend recommended avast to lots of friends they are also satisfied with the performance of Avast.
Antivirus necessary on S4?
Hi friends.
I have galaxy S4 this is first smartphone for me and am not sure if a antivirus is really necessary. If yes, which is the best to have. Not opposed to paying for one if a pro version is worth it, as long as it's a one time fee. Other then that a free one would have to do.
Hey guts, I want to suggest an antivirus for your Samsung galaxy S4 which is best antivirus app is F-Secure Mobile Security app.

Is an antivirus really needed for Samsung Galaxy S4?

I haven't had no problem, but my Galaxy S4 has a lot of important information.

Please suggest me on my query.

I have asked this question becauseI haven't installed any yet on my Galaxy S4.

Hello Kishita Gidwani,

I think no need to install antivirus on android Smartphone because Android is based on the Linux operating system and which is very secure.

But problems come when users forget that Smartphones are like PC and drop their defenses or take risks.

When user are installing app and that want some permission and users are quickly give access.

Otherwise not necessary .

I hope you will be satisfied with my advice.


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