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Full Version: My Blackberry Q10' back button not working while on call
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I just got blackberry q10 brand new last week, its working 3 to 5 days properly now its back button becomes non functional while I am on a call. The home button works though. Also on starting an app, lets say Whats App, I am not able to select my chat while on call. So the selection also becomes non functional. I have no problems whatsoever using these functionalities when i am not on call.

Has anyone else faced an issue like this on Blackberry Q10?

If someone could help me out with either of these slight that would be great.

Hello saboobuu, My understanding is that it has something to do with the light sensor near the ear speaker.

You'll notice this happening if you are in a darker area or holding your hand over or near the sensor.

Hopefully they'll fix it soon. It's beyond annoying.

Have a nice daySmile