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Full Version: Blackberry Q10 Camera Cannot be started
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I got Blackberry Q10 last week its working fine but there is some problem with Camera.

Camera doesn't start Initially when I close the app and try and restart it again it says camera can not be started.

Because I want to make a video call with my brother he live in London
Would really appreciated .

Thanks for taking the time.
Have you tried reinserting your battery as a test and verified that your software is up to date via System Settings - Software updates?
If so, please backup your device and follow the given steps:

Step 1: complete a reload of the device software

Step 2: Open BlackBerry Link.

Step 3: Ensure the computer is connected to the Internet.

Step 4: Power off the device.

Step 5: Connect the device to the computer.
When the device button is available on the bottom of the BlackBerry Link window, click it.

Step 6: Click the Reload button.

Test to confirm whether or not these steps resolve the issue. If not, please contact your point of purchase for options.

Thank you.