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Full Version: How to connect XOLO Q700 to GPRS or Wi-Fi?
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I have bought new Xolo Q7oo last week and it’s great for me.

Its have almost features which you want in a smartphone.

So I don’t have any problem but I want to know, How to connect XOLO Q700 to WiFi ?

Please guide me through steps.

Thanks in advance!
Hello christyl,

See following about, How to connect XOLO Q700 to WiFi.

Step 1: Make sure that the phone is not on airplane mode. Go to Settings -> Wireless, and make Airplane mode is not checked; also you can see an airplane notification icon when Airplane mode is activated.

Step 2: Make sure that sure that data is enabled when using the phone with GPRS. Check this by going Settings -> Wireless -> Mobile networks, ensure “Data enabled” is selected.